The First Fully-Managed, Big Data as-a-Service

Cazena’s Big Data as a Service solutions make it easy and secure to store, share and analyze data. Solutions are fully-managed, automated and delivered as cloud services. You won't need any special cloud DevOps skills to get started. With Cazena, big data and advanced analytics platforms are provisioned and ready for data loading in hours, with secure hybrid deployments in four weeks or less.

Cloud solutions from Cazena embed, augment and optimize best-of-breed software from technology partners (Cloudera, Azure, AWS and more). Solutions include everything -- cloud infrastructure & hosting, databases, enterprise security and production operations -- all Fully-Managed by CazenaPlatforms are automated, managed, monitored and supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cazena's unique workload-level SLAs ensure the best price-performance every time, with no wasted time troubleshooting, configuring or upgrading. That's why Cazena is the data platform of choice for teams focused on data sciencebusiness intelligence & analyticsdata engineering and customer insights

Cazena Solutions Include Everything

All Cazena solutions include these components. In just a few hours, get a complete cloud stack with DevOps built-in, fully-managed and optimized for the best TCO.

Analytics & Machine Learning Support
Connect Any Data or Analytics Tool Easily
Cazena makes it secure, flexible and easy to store and analyze data in the cloud. In a few web clicks, analysts connect to data securely with any visualization, analytics or business intelligence tool -- industry-standard or custom developed. Some Cazena solutions also include notebooks and interfaces for SQL, R, Python and advanced analytics. Everything is logged for governance and security. 
Deploy ML & Analytics Quickly with the AppCloud

The Cazena AppCloud helps teams deploy a wide range of machine learning (ML) and analytics applications in the cloud with instant access to enterprise data on the Cazena platform. Using the App Cloud delivers many performance, operational and security benefits – and accelerates time to results. Now teams don’t have to wait for infrastructure to deploy new capabilities. Learn about the AppCloud 

Hybrid Gateway & Data Ingest

Cazena includes Gateway Software, which manages access and facilitates data moves, adding security, encryption and compression automatically. Load data into Cazena from any connected enterprise or cloud sources – and keep it in one secure environment for team access.

  • Plug & Play Enterprise Deployment: Cazena's Gateway software enables a "hybrid" (cloud + on-prem) big data architectures, by securely connecting Cazena to existing enterprise data sources, analytics tools and management processes. Cazena offers plug & play deployment, increasing time to value, agility and productivity.
  • Secure Data Ingest: Easily move data to and from Cazena from any sources, anywhere such as Data Warehouses or SaaS applications. Authorized users can easily move smaller local datasets to the cloud from a web browser. Encryption, compression and logging are built-in for worry-free uploads and downloads.
Security, Encryption, Governance & Compliance

The most secure big data platform, with a highly-differentiated cloud security model.

Each Cazena customer gets their own single-tenant “private data cloud," effectively a private section of Azure or AWS for your team only. Cazena's single-tenant environments are secure (Kerberized, etc.) and encrypt all data in motion and at rest by default. Cazena also manages staging and storage of data on object stores for a single point of data management. Everything is managed, monitored and logged to conform to strict compliance standards. Security is fundamental to Cazena. We have industry-leading compliance certifications, specialized software and unparalleled expertise. Read more about Cazena Security.


Workload Management & Optimization

Cazena's Workload & Pipeline SLA means that data professionals get reliable, predictable cloud performance for their analytics, with no troubleshooting required. Other services guarantee only cloud or cluster availability, but Cazena supports it all. End-to-end, top-to-bottom of the stack, services include ongoing workload management, optimization, cluster and cloud management, with 24x7 workload support.

Intelligent Optimization Means...
  • No special DevOps skills required to configure the cloud for different analytics tools; No wasted time troubleshooting
  • Different types of analytics workloads can be viably supported in one Cazena environment
  • Confidence that you're always getting the best price-performance for workloads...automatically. 
Data Engines & Cloud Storage
The Best of "Best of Breed", Optimized for Cloud Performance  

Cazena 'as a service' solutions include databases and components such as Spark, Hadoop and MPP SQL from Cloudera, AWS Redshift, Pivotal Greenplum and many other tech partners. Our engineering team is always testing new functionality, benchmarking performance and comparing price-performance across the rapidly evolving data technology landscape.

Leverage Cazena's platform automation and performance, don't waste time trying to "do it yourself" (DIY) and make a smart financial choice: Cazena costs 50% - 80% less than DIY cloud. It's fully-managed so you won't need any new cloud DevOps skills to setup or operate the platform. And it's guaranteed to work, in four weeks or less.

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Cloud Infrastructure
Includes Microsoft Azure & AWS

All solutions include cloud infrastructure from AWS and Microsoft Azure. Either get cloud infrastructure in the subscription price, all on one bill -- or "bring your own" cloud license, if you prefer. No more surprises or confusing statements. Get proven cloud infrastructure, and a platform that works, at a predictable price.

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Production Operations

Fully-managed, including production operations. Services include monitoring, automatic resolution, upgrades, including validation, and white-glove support. Cazena uses automation + expertise for a fully-managed experience.


​Cazena’s cloud solutions are fully-managed services, so you can use the cloud with confidence. Cazena is managed, monitored and supported 24 x 7 by our expert cloud team and security gurus. You automatically get the best price-performance for data and analytics workloads. You won’t need to assemble or integrate or configure or patch anything. You won’t need to manage multiple vendors and multiple billing models. Learn about Fully-Managed.

Best in Class Cloud Security

Cazena is built, managed and supported by enterprise experts and security is a core foundation of our company and service. We have industry-leading compliance certifications, specialized software and expertise to deliver a secure data platform in the cloud. Cazena has been audited successfully for SOC II compliance – please contact us for a complete list of certifications.

The Cazena security model is highly-differentiated. First, each of our customers get their own single-tenant Cazena “data cloud”, effectively a private section of Azure or AWS for your team only. This ensures that datasets are secure and compliant. Cazena single-tenant environments are secure (Kerberized, etc.) and encrypt all data in motion and at rest by default. The clusters are managed and monitored to conform to our strict enterprise security and compliance standards.

All services include the Cazena Gateway software which manages access to the cloud. The gateway is powerful enough to run in enterprise datacenters – and regularly passes muster with tough network and security guidelines. It is also lightweight enough to run on laptops for easy access from anywhere. The Cazena Gateway makes it easy to move data from connected enterprise or cloud sources – so you can load and store data in the cloud once for team access. Cazena also manages staging and storage of data on object stores for a single point of data management. Logging, alerting and compliance reporting are included with Cazena, and all services include monitoring and processes to work with your access controls and governance systems. Click here for more information about Cazena’s security certifications and processes.

Embeds and Enhances Best of Breed

Cazena’s platform runs on a proven cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure) and embeds best of breed technologies, including Cloudera EDH (Spark, Hadoop, Impala and related ecosystem components) and MPP SQL databases such as Amazon Redshift and Pivotal Greenplum. We work closely with our tech partners to optimize their databases for best performance on Microsoft Azure or AWS, and we support them seamlessly.

What Cazena adds to best of breed:

  • Price-Performance Optimization: Cazena benchmarks  and optimizes best of breed data and analytics engines to deliver the best price-performance in the cloud for different workloads. Our Intelligent Provisioning process ensures that you get the the ideal configuration for your specific data and analytics workloads. A Workload Intelligence program benchmarks the performance of analytics across many different data engine and cloud infrastructure configurations.
  • Security, Data Movement and Enterprise Management: Cazena adds critical functions to the industry’s best data engines so they can run in enterprises. Cazena solutions include encrypted data movement, many additional security features and enterprise integration functions to support hybrid architectures.
  • Simple Web Interfaces: Intuitive browser-based interfaces make it easy to work with data in Cazena, abstracting the complexity of the underlying cloud infrastructure. Without Cazena, teams have to learn and manage multiple interfaces for different data technologies and cloud providers.
  • Future-proofing: Cazena’s solutions are regularly updated to included the latest analytic and data processing technologies. That helps organizations “future-proof” against the dizzying cycle of data innovation that has become an opportunity and a curse for enterprises. Instead, you subscribe to Big Data as a Service, where we automatically evaluate and add the best new technologies into our platform.
Explore Solutions

Cazena handles a wide range of enterprise data and analytics through our solutions. But don’t let the names confuse you. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll recommend the right configuration for your workload and team.

By Role

Cazena is widely deployed for data and analytics use cases, and is often used to support big data projects for a wide variety of departments and roles.

By Embedded Technology

Cazena’s platform runs on proven cloud infrastructure and embeds best of breed technologies, including:


By Cazena Solutions

  • Data Science Sandbox as a Service. Run a wide range of analytics in the cloud, without assembling or maintaining the underlying technology. Powered by Apache Spark (Cloudera), with RStudio Server Pro, notebooks and other capabilities embedded.
  • Cloudera Data Lake as a Service. Collect, stage and pre-process raw data like log files or streaming data or cost-efficiently archive historical data. It’s the easiest way to use Cloudera on AWS or Microsoft Azure. 
  • Data Warehouse/Mart as a Service. Improve access, share data or augment data warehouses by moving data to the cloud into familiar MPP SQL database.  This is the easiest way to use AWS Redshift, and includes data movers, enterprise security and monitoring.
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