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With Cazena’s SaaS Data Lakes, teams run a wide range of advanced analytics in a secure cloud environment, without having to build or manage any of the underlying technology. That’s made Cazena's SaaS Data Lake a popular 'Data Science Sandbox' for enterprises: a secure cloud environment with everything global teams need to ingest, store and run advanced analytics on any dataset.

Cazena's SaaS model means that companies can get a production-ready Data Science Sandbox in hours. Cazena provisions, tests and delivers a private SaaS Data Lake that's easy to access and ready for secure data ingest and analytics. Connect with existing tools, use built-in SaaS interfaces for R, Python, SQL or Scala and easily leverage Spark, Kafka and more. Each SaaS data lake is private and managed by Cazena, with best-of-breed capabilities from technology partners including Cloudera, RStudio, AWS and Microsoft Azure.
Cazena’s SaaS Data Lakes are enterprise-ready and include everything: database licenses, analytics engines, cloud storage, high-grade security, compliance certifications and cloud infrastructure -- all managed and monitored 24 x 7.
  • Accelerate results with a single Data Lake for all data science, machine learning and analytics. Popular tools like RStudio Server Pro, sparklyr and notebooks are an integral part of the service. Use embedded tools or connect your own. Cazena is a flexible environment for existing and new tools.
  • Radically improve performance and impact. Get faster processing, use bigger sample sets and use cloud-scale resources to get more accurate results. Get the best price-performance with built-in workload optimization. 
  • Help teams collaborate efficiently -- and securely. Break free from the storage and memory constraints of desktop analytics -- and the risk of DIY cloud operations. Empower teams with new capabilities, delivered in a secure, optimized environment with zero DevOps required!

"We're 6 to 8 months further ahead by having Cazena. Our data science team wants to spend their time adding value, rather than doing housekeeping work. The primary benefit is speed. Now the team has a structured place to share their data, work and ideas."   

  -- Craig Haughan, VP Data, CWT

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One Platform, No Assembly Required


Cazena's SaaS Data Lakes are private, delivered with everything, including the ideal capabilities for your team and workloads. Cazena does this by combining best of breed, open source, custom software and patented automation to deliver a single SaaS Data Lake that supports all analytics workloads. Everything is pre-built, integrated, managed and optimized for the cloud, all the time. 

Improve Agility with a Unified SaaS Data Lake for All Analytics.

Cazena is intuitive and easy to learn, so BI analysts and data scientists can all use their preferred methods and be productive immediately. Support the same tools that teams and business partners already know. Connect to data securely with any tool or process. Cazena is a flexible foundation for growing teams that helps you scale with automation. 

Cut Costs and Improve the Productivity of Data Science and Analytics Teams. 

WIth Cazena, teams collaborate more efficiently, sharing datasets, outcomes and ideas in a single environment. The platform removes issues with tool consistency (versions, etc.) and makes data sharing simple and secure. Cazena helps remove conflicts for resource and reduces wasted time spent sub-setting data or running models sequentially. It's easy to get additional resources as needed, optimized for your workloads. 

Reduce Risk and Ensure Security and Compliance. 

Each Cazena customer gets their own single-tenant environment and high-grade security including encryption of data in motion and at rest, centralized logging capabilities, end-to-end visibility and 24 x 7 security monitoring. Cazena has unique expertise in enterprise environments.


Cazena’s private SaaS 'AppClouds' are another helpful tool for accelerating enterprise analytics and data science programs.

Cazena's AppClouds deliver secure infrastructure for new enterprise tools and apps that access your SaaS Data Lake. Use your AppCloud to quickly deploy third-party tools such as StreamSets for data streaming or DataRobot for ML or custom apps. AppClouds help analytics teams maximize flexibility, speed deployments and quickly test out new capabilities.

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