Cazena Data Warehouse as a Service

Cazena's Data Warehouse as a Service is a Private SaaS for AWS Redshift that powers business intelligence, analytics and other data applications in the cloud. Some companies use this as their primary Data Warehouse as a Service, a cloud migration tool or as a smaller “data mart” complementing an enterprise data warehouse or supporting a specific application. Cazena helps companies get started quickly and securely in the cloud. 

What is Cazena's Data Warehouse as a Service?

Cazena's cloud data warehouse as a service is a private SaaS option for AWS Redshift that is automated, secure with 24x7 DevOps.  Cazena's SaaS data warehouse includes everything -- cloud infrastructure, storage, security, Redshift & all operations -- and abstracts the complexity of the underlying cloud and data technologies. Teams can use Redshift in a private SaaS environment, without any admin required. With just a few clicks, analysts can securely access data from connected data warehouses, SaaS applications, IoT/sensor data and other sources. 

Cazena private SaaS is continually optimized for mixed workloads and tools. Cazena works out-of-the-box with popular business intelligence and analytics tools including Tableau, MicroStrategyQlikSpotfire and others -- no matter where they are currently deployed. A private AppCloud option offers access to new analytics and data capabilities.  Analysts get the tools, scale and performance that they need for their workloads, without creating new IT hurdles.  

Cazena is production-ready for enterprises on delivery. Cazena is enterprise-ready, meeting security, encryption and compliance requirements on delivery, with no additional work. Cazena helps companies migrate, deploy and run cloud data warehouse with no new admin requirements or infrastructure headaches.



How Do Companies Use Cazena's Cloud Data Warehouse as a Service?

Operational data warehouses in the cloud consolidate data from multiple apps, which may SaaS or on-premises deployments. Consolidating in a SaaS cloud data warehouse with Cazena means secure global access for authorized users. Analysts can use visualization tools, SQL or build custom applications. 

Easily collect and consolidate data from any data source such as public, shared, open, partner or purchased datasets. Cazena also has SaaS solution for digital data collection, real-time streaming and IOT data. 

Share data with partners, contractors or customers in a secure environment, where activity can be monitored. Provide data in a format that analysts can easily access with standard tools. Monetize data or enhance existing products or services.

Augment on-premises data warehouses or appliances by offloading users or analytic workloads to the cloud. Use Cazena to dramatically reduce data warehousing appliance costs. Leverage our enterprise knowledge of Netezza, ParAccel/Actian, Greenplum, and many others for fast efficient cloud migrations. 

Why Cazena for AWS Redshift and MPP SQL Databases in the Cloud?


Data Warehouses are deployed on Cazena's fully-managed Big Data as a Service on AWS. The platform combines popular cloud MPP SQL database Amazon Redshift with cloud infrastructure security, analytics engines and 24 x 7 operations for hassle-free data warehousing in the cloud. Everything is fully-managed and monitored, and the platform is designed to seamlessly "drop in" to existing infrastructures.

Fast setup. Cazena gets you up and running in the cloud in a few clicks. Enterprise deployments typically take 2 to 4 weeks. Compare this to the 6-8 months often required to hire and train resources on constantly evolving cloud technologies.

Security and built-in data movers: Once connected to Cazena, those with the appropriate access controls can load and move data into Cazena and any connected data sources with our built-in data movers. The data movers have encryption and compression built-in with no extra steps. Cazena's fully-managed big data service is built on decades of enterprise experience and hardening. Cazena connects easily with traditional data warehouses, cloud-based sources such as SaaS applications or IoT sensors or even local files.

Best Price-Performance for Amazon Redshift and other best-of-breed technologies. Cazena embeds the latest technology and optimizes it with the best cloud infrastructure configuration for your workload, so you automatically get the best performance without overpaying. Cazena powered by the best technologies available in the cloud and data world, all optimized, integrated and simplified behind the clean SaaS interface.