The Cazena Cloud Data Lake as a Service: Fast, Secure, Production-Ready
Cazena's cloud Data Lake as a Service supports a wide range of analytics in a fully-managed, secure environment on AWS or Microsoft Azure. Data Lakes from Cazena power digital transformation projects across companies, offering self-service capabilities for analytics, efficiently delivered "as a service" with all the security and governance required by enterprise IT.
The Data Lake as a Service from Cazena is a complete stack for analytics, which embeds Cloudera EDH, the modern Spark/Hadoop platform for data science and ML. Cazena automates Cloudera data lake deployments on Azure or AWS, adding security, analytics capabilities, 24x7 operations and monitoring. 

Cazena's fully-managed model reduces cloud data lake costs by 50% or more. Speedy deployments are guaranteed to be successful, with no long projects, no new DevOps skills or staff required. Solutions are delivered production-ready, with SaaS interfaces for secure data ingest and analytics.

Cloud data lakes from Cazena support a wide variety of workloads in a single platform, with ongoing SLA optimization to deliver the best price-performance.  Now enterprises can move to the cloud faster, avoid unnecessary administration costs and accelerate results from analytics.

One Cloud Data Lake for Many Analytic Workloads

​Cazena is the fastest way to deploy production-ready cloud Data Lakes powered by Cloudera EDH (Spark/Hadoop) on Microsoft Azure or AWS. Load and store datasets once, support many  workloads in one platform and radically accelerate business impact.  

Data Science

Deploy a secure environment data science and advanced analytics: Store and manage analytic data in a single environment for collaboration, reduced risks and security. Support a wide range of tools and capabilities, with no impact on current infrastructure and no risky DIY integrations.

Empower digital transformation projects across the organization: Offer a self-service analytics environment, designed to support a wide variety of workloads cost-effectively.

Build flexible analytic apps and augment insight capabilities: Quickly incorporate new data sources and iterate through new analytic models.

Data Engineering

Accelerate data engineering and DataOps: Leverage Cazena's automation and built-in DevOps to reduce administration time and costs, and deliver more strategic value.

Collect many types of data from different data sources in one data lake: Enable an enterprise foundation for digital transformation, global collaboration, data science, machine learning and advanced analytics projects.

Use Cazena as the foundation for real-time data pipelines, connecting IOT, logs and other sources: Securely move data to other systems or processes, or transform and analyze data in place using built-in interfaces.

Analytics & BI

Run Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms more efficiently, at reduced costs. Expand or migrate existing data platforms and analytics apps to the cloud to reduce administration requirements, improve performance and add capabilities.

Migrate data warehouse workloads to a Hadoop/Spark data lake for improved performance and reduced costs. Free up expensive resources on existing EDWs dedicated to strict SLAs.

Quickly deploy departmental solutions and respond to new requests. Improve ROI by storing purchased datasets where they can easily be accessed and queried for analytics.

Why Cazena for AWS and Azure Data Lakes?

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Guarantee a successful 
deployment of Cloudera on Microsoft Azure or AWS. Solutions are production-ready for data ingest and analytics. Cazena is automated, integrated and optimized for the cloud. With Cazena, teams launch quickly and can focus efforts more strategically, with no time wasted on platform administration or troubleshooting. The entire platform is fully-managed from deployment to  24 x 7 production operations, support, upgrades, testing, and regular enhancements. 

Stay agile with a fully-managed cloud data lake and foundation for big data analytics that requires no new training, skills or DevOps resourcesCazena offers a SaaS-like experience for business and advanced analytics users, along with IT integration and security features. Authorized users can access a Cazena cloud Data Lake with just a few clicks, then access, load or analyze data in a Cloudera cluster from a web browser, without any special DevOps skills.

Support a wide range of analytics, data sources and tools in one secure platform. Cazena makes it easy to support a huge range of onnect third-party tools, 
use R, Python & SQL -- or explore Cazena AppCloud offerings including Cloudera Data Science Workbench, Arcadia Data, RStudio Server Pro or Anaconda (Python). Cazena Data Lakes can connect to a wide range of data sources, including SaaS apps, web logs, streaming data, social media, IOT, sensors, external data stores or enterprise data warehouses. Cazena is the fastest, most cost-effective way to collect, store and share data in the cloud, and always have those datasets available for analysis. 

Reduce risk exposure by choosing Cazena's industry-leading cloud security model for enterprises and software that enables hybrid data architectures.
Cazena's hybrid gateway software, single-tenant security model and expert 24x7 monitoring mean that enterprise teams can use the cloud with confidence. Cazena's gateway software ensures that cloud data lakes easily and securely integrate with existing enterprise technology – from BI tools to data warehouses or management platforms. IT won't have to waste any time building or figuring out integration. Cazena solutions drops into your existing data environment seamlessly. 

Get the lowest TCO for cloud data lakes with the best price-performance. 
The Data Lake as a Service from Cazena enables companies to scale with automation and save on administration, staffing and consulting costs. There's no need or reason to DIY when IT teams can leverage fully-managed Cazena environments to deliver new capabilities quickly. Intelligence, automation and cloud smarts give companies the best price-performance, at half the price of alternative approaches.  

FastStart POC

Cazena's POC program offers the ideal opportunity to launch, accelerate or scale data lake projects, with options to migrate existing clusters and work.

Cazena Cloud Data Lake as a Service POC 

Key Features:
  • Deployed in minutes with automation and support
  • Validate workload patterns on live instance
  • Security, governance and compliance reviews 
  • Right-sized infrastructure; built for cost-effective scaling
  • Leverage any POC work in production platform
  • Instantly promote to production cloud environment
  • Fully-managed 24x7 


How it Works

  • 6-week term with a minimal upfront investment; All fees are credited toward full production subscription 
  • All-inclusive subscription solutions include:
    • Cloudera licenses
    • Cloud infrastructure fees (AWS/Azure)
    • Compute, storage, networking
    • Security, compliance, monitoring
    • 24x7 Operations & Support
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