The Cazena Data Lake as a Service: Fast, Secure, Production-Ready

Cazena's Data Lake as a Service supports a wide range of data and analytics use cases in a fully-managed cloud environment on Microsoft Azure or AWS. Cazena Data Lakes power digital transformation projects across companies, with the self-service analytics capabilities demanded by savvy data scientists and the security & governance required by responsible IT teams. 
The Data Lake as a Service from Cazena embeds Cloudera EDH, the modern platform for data analytics that includes Spark, Hadoop and other industry-leading software components. Cazena's solutions automate the deployment of Cloudera on Azure or AWS, and add features including self-service web interfaces, hybrid connectivity, enterprise security & governance, workload optimization and fully-managed operations.
Cazena Data Lakes work with many applications and analytic methods. Connect third-party tools, use R, Python & SQL -- or explore AppCloud offerings such as Cloudera Data Science Workbench, Arcadia Data, RStudio Server Pro or Anaconda (Python).  Cazena Data Lakes can connect to a wide range of data sources, including SaaS apps, web logs, streaming data, social media, IOT, sensors, external data stores or enterprise data warehouses. Cazena is the fastest, most cost-effective way to collect, store and share data in the cloud, and always have those datasets available for analysis. 

What is a Data Lake or Data Lake as a Service? “Data lake” is a popular term for a data platform which is optimized for big data with high-volume, variety and velocity. Data lake architectures often include components from the Hadoop software ecosystem, which is specifically designed for collecting, storing and analyzing large volumes of data (often unstructured). A "data lake as a service" typically refers to platforms delivered on public cloud infrastructures including Microsoft Azure or AWS. There are many different design patterns for data lakes, for more details, please visit Data Lake Concepts. Cazena's Data Lake as a Service includes capabilities for advanced analytics, security and easy integration with other data sources.

How Companies use Cazena's Data Lake as a Service

​Cazena is the fastest way to deploy production-grade Cloudera (Spark/Hadoop) Data Lakes on Microsoft Azure or AWS. Accelerate projects - and business impact - by valuable months. 

Empower digital transformation projects across the organization, with self-service data environments. 

Consolidate and share datasets for data science across a variety of sources.

Build flexible analytic applications that can quickly incorporate new data sources and iterate through new analytic models.

Collect large volumes of data from many data sources in one data lake for machine learning and advanced analytics projects. 

Accelerate data engineering processes and reduce DevOps costs. Easily transform and analyze data in place. Build data pipelines, connecting other sources. 

Migrate data warehouse workloads to the cloud for lower costs. Free up expensive resources dedicated to strict SLAs. Archive and store historical data where it can still easily be accessed and queried for analytics.

Augment marketing and customer insight capabilities, take advantage of new data sources and compete with analytics. 

Why Cazena for AWS and Azure Data Lakes?

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 Production-Grade, Guaranteed: Cazena delivers AWS or Azure Data Lakes with Cloudera (Spark/Hadoop) in four weeks or less.
That includes working with enterprise security and networking teams to connect to the cloud securely, and setup seamless connections to tools and data sources. Everything is pre-built, integrated, fully-managed and optimized for the cloud, presented behind a simple abstraction layer. Many "assemble it yourself" Azure Data Lake or AWS EMR data lake projects take 6 to 18+ months, because of additional work and staffing/training requirements. With Cazena's solutions, you launch fast and focus efforts on driving adoption, impact and measurable value from the new environment. 

 Simple and Fully-Managed: No new training, skills or resources required with Cazena.
Users can access a cloud-based Cazena Data Lake with just a few clicks. That means users can move, ingest and manage big data in a Cloudera environment from a web browser, without any special DevOps skills. Cazena makes it easy to get data from anywhere, including other cloud sources such as SaaS applications or streaming applications. The entire platform is fully-managed, including 24 x 7 support, production operations, upgrades, testing, and regular enhancements. 

Hybrid Gateway Software: Cazena helps teams implement flexible & secure data architectures.
Cazena's unique hybrid gateway technology and security model means that the platform will easily integrate with the enterprise technology you already use – from BI tools to data warehouses or management platforms. You won't have to build or figure out integration. Cazena ensures that Cloudera drops into your existing data environment seamlessly. Built-in tools make data ingest easy, so authorized users can move data to (and from) the Cazena Data Lake and other data sources. 

Lower TCO, Best Price-Performance: Reduce costs of data and analytics platforms, and use resources more efficiently.
The Data Lake as a Service from Cazena enables companies to scale with automation and save labor and consulting costs. Use resources more efficiently, and leverage fully-managed Cazena environments to deliver new capabilities quickly. Cazena uses intelligence, automation and cloud smarts to give you the best price-performance, often half the price of alternative approaches.  

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