Cazena Data Lake as a Service - Starter Edition on AWS Marketplace

Now, enterprises can quickly get a cloud data lake on AWS Marketplace with Cazena, the first private SaaS data lake. The Cazena Data Lake as a Service with Cloudera - Starter Edition is designed for fast POCs and evaluations on AWS. After the evaluation, migrate seamlessly to a Cazena enterprise edition on AWS. 

The Cazena Data Lake as a Service - Starter Edition includes a small, private (single-tenant) Cloudera cluster on AWS and 5 TB of S3 storage. Cazena's SaaS Data Lake includes pre-installed R and Python packages and built in notebook functionality via Hue. Use built-in interfaces or connect other data & analytics tools. Cazena makes it easy to run Spark, Impala, Kafka, Kudu and includes everything required for data ingest, storage and advanced analytics in the cloud. 

Cazena's Data Lake as a Service on AWS Marketplace offers many benefits:

  • Start quickly, without any specialized skills for cloud, data ops or security
  • Delivered ready for data ingest and analytics, with everything you need
  • Subscribe via AWS Marketplace, for seamless procurement and fast access
  • Get a low introductory rate of $5,000/month (75% off list price), when you subscribe with an AWS Marketplace Private Offer

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AWS Marketplace Private Offer Codes Reduce Monthly Rates

The AWS Marketplace makes it easy for enterprise subscribers to quickly get access to a Starter Edition of Cazena's Data Lake as a Service with Cloudera. Using the AWS Marketplace's "Private Offer" process, monthly subscription rates can be reduced by 75% for the first 60 days of service. AWS generates private offers for a specific AWS ID, and presents the discounted rate during the purchase process.

Cazena follows the standard AWS Marketplace Private Offer process:

  1. Complete the form below and provide your AWS ID. AWS Marketplace needs the AWS account information because offers are custom-generated and issued to a specific AWS account. (This is an account ID, not login information.)
  2. Cazena will confirm receipt and submit to AWS Marketplace. Then AWS Marketplace team creates the private offer, along with a URL to subscribe and a private offer code. This process typically takes one hour or less. Cazena will confirm when the private offer is ready. 
  3. Complete your subscription via the AWS Marketplace. When you click the link or navigate to the Cazena Data Lake as a Service subscription page, an AWS Marketplace banner alert will indicate that a private offer is available for you. After you accept the offer, you will see the reduced rate. Invoicing follows the same process used for all AWS Marketplace subscriptions. Everything is paid directly to AWS, streamlining the procurement process. 
  4. Enter basic setup information, get your login -- then start using your private SaaS Data Lake as a Service on AWS. Migrate from the Starter edition to an enterprise subscription at any time, retaining all of your data and work.

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What's Included?

Cazena's SaaS Data Lake as a Service includes a private Cloudera cluster on AWS, data storage, 24x7 operations, cloud security and SaaS to load, store and analyze data. Use Spark, built-in tools for SQL, R, Python, Scala, etc., or connect apps, tools and notebooks. Get Cloudera on AWS with zero-admin required.

The Cazena Starter Edition includes:

  • A private (single-tenant) analytics platform, with a small Cloudera Hadoop cluster on AWS & 5 TB of S3 storage. Delivered ready for data ingest & analytics.
  • Pre-installed R and Python packages and built in notebook functionality via Hue. Easily run Spark, Impala, Kafka, Kudu, etc. Connect other data & analytics tools.
  • Secure access for global teams, encrypted enterprise grade connections to a private AWS VPC via an industry-leading firewall.
  • 4 hours of onboarding assistance to connect tools, data and users.
  • Fully-managed SaaS delivery, including production operations, white-glove support, 24x7 security monitoring and proactive incident management.
  • Seamless expansion to an Enterprise Edition, which includes customized cluster configurations, workload SLAs, enhanced support and much more.

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