The Fast Track for Cloudera Migrations to AWS

AWSCazlogo.pngStop waiting and see how easy it is to migrate to Private SaaS for Cloudera on AWS. Immediately gain new capabilities, reduce TCO, reduce risks -- and don't worry about DevOps. Cazena offers private SaaS Data Lakes with Cloudera, which are automated, managed and secured for you 24x7.  Cloud migrations are fast and efficient with Cazena's tools, templates and support.

Cazena is the top, proven solution for Cloudera expansions, offering the cloud security and flexibility required for innovation and business transformation. Enterprises have already used Cazena to migrate and run thousands of data and analytics workloads on Cloudera on AWS. What are you waiting for?

Benefits for IT, Analytics and the Bottom Line. 

Cazena’s Private SaaS for Cloudera on AWS accelerates outcomes from data and analytics. Enterprises get a secure SaaS data lake that leverages best-of-breed software from Cloudera (EDH, Altus, CDF, etc), AWS (S3,EC2, KMS, IAM, Kinesis, etc.) and others (RStudio, Anaconda, etc.) Cazena includes everything for data lakes and analytics delivered as private, single-tenant SaaS on AWS, with the entire stack automated, secured and managed 24x7. IT retains visibility, reduces TCO, reduces manual work and empowers the business with cloud capabilities. Data science and analytics teams get the agility, scale and tools they need to make an impact. Organizations increase agility, control cloud costs, improve ROI from data projects and get the best experience for Cloudera on AWS.

The Fastest Path for Cloudera Expansions and Migrations to AWS 


Cloudera migrations to AWS are fast, secure and efficient with Cazena, as demonstrated in risk-free POCs and guaranteed outcomes. Don't waste time or resources trying to DIY a Cloudera expansion or migration, when you could get a new SaaS Data Lake that supports all of your data workloads, analytics and tools. 

Cazena's Private SaaS for Cloudera on AWS is provisioned on-demand, and delivered ready for data loading, analytics and efficient cloud migrations. Migrations are completed in weeks using Cazena tools and templates -- with no extra consultants, DevOps or specialized skills required. Cazena's model also offers opportunities to evolve hybrid architectures, leverage object storage (S3, etc), add new capabilities and scale with automation.

Control Costs and Reduce Risks with SaaS and Cloud Automation

Subscription pricing for Cazena typically includes everything in one flat rate: cloud infrastructure, Cloudera licenses, storage, analytics, security and 24 x 7 operations. Subscriptions are enterprise-friendly, predictable and easy to understand, so there are never any unexpected charges for data movement, network fees or forgotten projects. Cazena includes all upgrades, patching and maintenance -- so there will never be any new admin requirements or specialized DevOps cloud skills required. Ongoing workload optimization automatically ensures the best price-performance for your organization's data and analytics, meeting both SLA and budget requirements. Best of all, the intuitive SaaS interface is always on, production-ready and secure, so teams can  stay focused on outcomes. Whether expanding a Cloudera cluster, migrating off another platform (HortonworksMapR, etc) or moving any data workloads to the cloud, Cazena delivers the best performance, pricing and a consistent cloud experience every time. 

Special Offers for Cloudera on AWS


Getting started with Cloudera on AWS is easy when you choose Cazena. You won't need any special cloud skills to use the first private SaaS with Cloudera. Everything is included, from AWS infrastructure to enterprise security, production operations and Cloudera upgrades. Many companies are eligible for discounted trial offers or subscriptions, thanks to incentive programs from our partners. Contact us for current offers and eligibility requirements. 

Sample Offers:

  • Enterprise POCs: 50-90% off for eligible enterprise trials of Cazena Private SaaS for Cloudera on AWS  
  • Cloud Migrations: One Free Month of Cazena Private SaaS for Cloudera on AWS, with Purchase of 12 months (First month free on 13-month subscription)

Use the form before or email us to learn more. 

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AWS Cloud Migrations with Cazena: How it Works

Cazena is delivered as single-tenant, private SaaS, which includes all licenses, automation, tools and templates to support cloud migrations. Cazena is the single point of contact for all support, and includes white-glove service. 


Get Your Private SaaS Data Lake with Cloudera on AWS

Cazena provisions on-demand, setting up your Private SaaS Data Lake with Cloudera on AWS, testing and delivering, production-ready in about a day. Cazena is delivered ready for secure data loading and analytics. This is your organization's own private, single-tenant environment on AWS. Everything you need to collect, store and analyze data is included and fully-managed 24x7 by Cazena. No admin time or DevOps required.


Enterprise Security, Compliance and Monitoring 

Next, Cazena sets up security and monitoring, working with enterprise teams as appropriate to share compliance certifications, audits and security monitoring processes. Cazena includes the highest-grade enterprise security, with multiple options for connecting with datacenters, regional offices and data sources. Private SaaS Data Lakes with Cloudera on AWS meet regulatory standards and are deployed today in banks, insurance, pharmaceutical and multi-national corporations. 


Automated Tools and Managed Migrations for Code, Workloads and Data

Cazena’s onboarding includes automated tools, templates and support for the entire migration process, from workloads to code to data. We’ll ensure that your transition to AWS is fast, secure and efficient. Available migration methods vary by workload and enterprise requirements. Cazena will recommend the best tools. We’ll also help you setup processes for ongoing data loading, streaming data or other data collection requirements. Data migration and ingest with Cazena is always encrypted and secure.

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Connect Analytics and Data to Cazena

Cazena offers many options to process and analyze data -- from packaged or custom applications to ad hoc analytics. Cazena includes built-in interfaces for SQL, R, Python, Scala and more -- and supports connections from virtually any data or analytics tools. Additional  capabilities are easily adopted from the Cazena AppCloud. The Cazena AppCloud includes secure cloud infrastructure for hosting new data and analytics applications on AWS to use with Cazena.