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End-to-end Enterprise Data Solutions

​Cazena solutions are purpose-built to help enterprises run data and analytics workloads in the cloud quickly and securely. The solutions bundle high-performance compute, storage, data movers and a variety of tools in one platform as a service that is monitored and managed by our enterprise team 24 x 7.  Cazena solutions give you the benefits of a variety of data technologies, without the learning curve or implementation time required to deploy them in the cloud. Solutions from Cazena are effectively the fastest way for enterprises to use new technologies like Cloudera Spark and Amazon Redshift in production-grade workflows. All solutions are fully - managed, with operations support that goes above and beyond for a truly turnkey service. 

One Platform for Data and Analytics in the Cloud

Cazena covers a wide range of workloads by combining a variety of data and analytics components into end-to-end cloud solutions. Our intelligent provisioning processes ensure the ideal configuration for the use case and price-performance requirements. All of the solutions are connected on one cloud platform, so it’s easy to move data between your organization's cloud databases and connected data sources. Learn more about Cazena’s platform here.

Data Science Sandbox as a Service

Data Science Sandbox
as a Service

Accelerate advanced analytics and data science with a simple interface to Cloudera Spark that includes tools for SQL, R, Python and more; Includes RStudio Server Pro.

Data Lake as a Service

Data Lake / Data Repository as a Service

This big data solution is a customized Cloudera Hadoop data environment for managing high-volume data loads, storage, processing and analytics, often with SQL. Secure streaming and automated data collection are often included, too.

Data Mart as a Service

Data Mart / Warehouse
as a Service

Easily run business intelligence and analytics in the cloud on MPP SQL databases like AWS Redshift and Greenplum, wrapped with additional security and data movement capabilities.

Data Science Sandbox / R on Spark as a Service

Cazena's Data Science Sandbox as a Service enables you to run a wide range of analytics in the cloud without assembling or maintaining the underlying technology. Get started in just a few clicks, easily load and analyze datasets using R, Python, SQL or many other methods.

  • Accelerate results with a single platform for all data science, machine learning and analytics.
  • Create robust environments for data science and analytic innovation, with support for SQL, R, RStudio and most analytics and visualization tools.
  • Includes data movers with built-in encryption for more efficient, secure data sharing. 
  • Improve the performance of R with Cloudera Spark-powered distributed processing.
  • Help teams share data and ideas efficiently. Break free from the storage and memory constraints of desktop analytics.

The Data Science Sandbox gives you RStudio Pro Server, Hue Notebooks (Python, Java, etc.) and is an easy way to use R on Cloudera Spark with sparklyr and other technologies.

Learn more about Cazena's Data Science Sandbox as a Service.

Data Lake, Data Repository & Cloudera Hadoop as a Service

Whether you call it a data lake, data repository or reservoir -- this is a high-powered Hadoop environment that's optimized for your big data workloads. Whether it's high-volume or high-variety, Cazena gives you an easy web interface to collect, store, stage and pre-process raw data like log files or streaming data. Or, securely archive historical data with the scalability and economics of the cloud. 

  • Easily collect and consolidate data from many cloud sources such as SaaS applications, IOT/sensor logs, purchased datasets, etc.
  • Collect and analyze new data in the cloud to review for potential value and security before bringing it behind enterprise firewalls (an easy process with Cazena data movers!)
  • Use for pilots, data engineering, transformations, staging and batch processing
  • Archive and store historical data where it can still be accessed and queried. Offload data warehouse jobs to reduce costs.
  • Use as part of a data pipeline; Compile summaries and subsets for integration into your existing enterprise data warehouse.

Configurations vary greatly depending on the workload. These cloud environments are typically powered by Cloudera Spark or Hadoop often with Impala (for SQL) or other components (data collection, streaming, etc) -- all integrated and optimized for AWS or Azure. Now you can spend your time using Hadoop, big data and encouraging adoption....not spend all your time building and managing technology!

Read more about Cazena's Data Lake / Data Repository / Cloudera Hadoop as a Service.

Data Mart, Data Warehouse, MPP SQL Database as a Service

The Cazena Data Mart or Data Warehouse as a Service is based on best-of-breed MPP SQL databases, designed to support business analytics. Our MPP SQL solution enables fast deployment of new analytics or business intelligence projects as well as easy migration of BI and analytics to Azure or AWS. For enterprises that value security for cloud data, Cazena wraps familiar MPP SQL databases with additional security, data encryption, data movement, compliance and governance features. Cazena makes it easy to move and manage production-grade analytics in the cloud. 

  • Migrate and manage business intelligence and analytics to Azure or AWS.
  • Share data with partners, customers or contractors in familiar MPP SQL databases
  • Improve access to data with MPP SQL databases that can be accessed securely from anywhere 
  • Launch new analytics and business intelligence programs quickly 
  • Augment data warehouses or appliances by offloading users or workloads to the cloud.

Cazena’s Data Marts and Warehouses rely on MPP SQL databases including Amazon Redshift and Greenplum, tuned and optimized for AWS or Azure cloud infrastructure. Our experienced enterprise staff has worked with most leading data warehouses, and can help plan a migration. Contact us to learn more about our 30 day data warehouse assessment and migration POC.

Read more about Cazena's Data Mart / Data Warehouse / MPP SQL Database Platform as a Service.

A Complete Cloud Data Pipeline

Cazena's solutions make it simple to augment your existing enterprise data flows. Because our solutions support a variety of workloads and use cases, you can essentially manage your on-premises environment as you do today and use Cazena as your complete data platform in the cloud. Imagine one point of contact for all your cloud data science sandboxes, data marts and data lakes. Cazena can also manage data in object storage, for a single point of data management in the cloud. What could be more simple?

For example, many companies are interested in new cloud-based big data sources, such as mobile or web clickstream. These can be easily collected in a Cazena Data Lake, then processed to aggregate a subset, which is then moved to the Cazena Data Science Sandbox. Once the analysts and data science magicians have done their work, they can put it into production in a Cazena Data Mart, or deploy new analytics in operational applications. Contact us to learn more about the Cazena vision for a complete analytic pipeline in the cloud. 

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