Sentier Informatics

A Flexible Foundation for Analytic Applications

A Secure Foundation for Advanced Analytics in Biotech & Pharma

Sentier Informatics provides a variety of data science, advanced analytics and data engineering services. Many emphasize self-service analytics that empower marketing and business users.

Sentier offers specific expertise in marketing mix modeling, the practice of using analytics to measure the effectiveness of different marketing channels. This is often used by industries like pharmaceuticals where it can be difficult to measure the impact of broad base TV or print advertising.

These applications also require a lot of data from many sources, including corporate applications and third-party data providers, such as IMS for healthcare. Rather than build and maintain a new application and data hub from scratch for each individual client, Sentier applications are Powered by Cazena.

By developing on Cazena's private, single-tenant SaaS model, Sentier delivers analytics applications "as a Service" on AWS or Microsoft Azure. They can deliver custom analytics apps -- and fast outcomes -- with the confidence that the applications will work seamlessly and meet the strict industry compliance and security standards of their clients. 

Sentier Informatics marketing analytics applications are Powered by Cazena, so we can focus on delivering measurable outcomes to our clients -- not being DevOps experts. With Cazena, we can deliver applications quickly with industry-leading cloud security and performance.

Rich Sokolowsky​
Principal, Sentier Informatics


Sentier Informatics offers marketing analytics, data science on-demand and data engineering services. Success relies on flexible platforms, with the scalability and compute power to support game-changing analytics.  The sooner they have the data and infrastructure, the faster they can develop and deliver analytics that make an impact. 

  • Develop and deliver impactful applications for predictive analytics and marketing mix 
  • Deploy self-service applications to marketing groups, with limited IT skills and support
  • Securely ingest, store and analyze data securely from numerous cloud sources
Solution: Data Lake as a Service

Sentier Informatics offers sales and marketing analytics applications that are Powered By Cazena. Solutions are available on Microsoft Azure or AWS, and often embed software from Cloudera and other best-of-breed vendors. 





By delivering applications that are Powered by Cazena, Sentier has dramatically accelerated time to market for its marketing mix and predictive analytics applications.

  • Applications meet strict industry compliance and security standards on delivery, always monitored and patched
  • Cazena seamlessly ingests data from the many different sources required for advanced analytics.

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