Data Lake as a Service for Data Science Accelerates Digital Journey

Advancing Data Science and Travel Data Analytics

The global leader in business travel management, CWT was one of the first agencies to introduce the widespread use of computer reservation systems and global reporting to European business travel customers. Fast-forward a few decades, and CWT embraced a new initiative, establishing a data science team to help them stay ahead of a rapidly digitizing travel industry.

Formerly Carlson Wagonlit Travel, CWT knew they needed a flexible, scalable data platform to support their newly-forming global team. The build vs. buy decision was simple: They didn't want to spend months establishing a DevOps team to build and manage such a platform. After a short search, they were referred to Cazena. In just days, they had their powerful SaaS Data Lake with Cloudera, RStudio, Python, SQL and other tools for analytics and data science.

We’re 6 to 8 months ahead by having Cazena. The primary benefit is speed. Now the team has a structured place to share their data, work and ideas. Our data science team wants to spend their time adding value, rather than doing housekeeping work.

Craig Haughan​


  • Uncover new ways to analyze, operationalize and monetize a wide variety of travel-related data
  • Launch a new data science program and quickly enable a new team
  • Implement a scalable, flexible platform to support an unknown future; plan for rapid analytic agility
  • Minimize DevOps, IT impact or need for additional cloud, data or security skills
  • Support a globally distributed team while meeting enterprise security and compliance requirements
​Solution: SaaS Data Lake for Data Science

CWT relies on Cazena’s SaaS Data Lake for data science and advanced analytics across significant volumes of travel-related data. Cazena includes everything, embedding best of breed capabilities from Cloudera and AWS, along with automation, security and built-in DevOps. RStudio, DataRobot and other tools are available via the Cazena AppCloud, while others access Cazena with existing analytics, BI and data science tools.

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Watch a 1-minute video that highlights CWT's journey in personalizing corporate travel, download the full CWT case study and/or learn more about Cazena's SaaS Data Lakes with Cloudera.

Results & Outcomes


  • Cazena guaranteed – and delivered – a secure, production-ready environment that was immediately usable for data science from day one.
  • Accelerated program launch and growth. Enabled most efficient use of resources. No DevOps have ever been required.
  • Unified many sources into one data lake, which supports all analytics languages, tools and workloads used by different teams.
  • Consistently delivers the performance, enterprise service, security and governance required by a multi-national corporation.
Since CWT has had Cazena, they've expanded their use of the platform in scale, functionality and users -- without ever staffing a DevOps or admin team.The platform is regularly updated, as cloud, data and analytics technologies evolve and update. They've been able to seamlessly migrate between cloud providers, with no impact to users.
Now, the SaaS Data Lake is also accessed for BI and analytics, global data science consulting and other use cases. CWT is working on diverse challenges across many travel dimensions. They've already seen many benefits in analytic agility, improved services for clients and expect the biggest long-term ROI impacts to come from merchandising and finance programs.

We really concentrated on hiring our data science team rather than building the underpinnings. We were on the accelerated program. We’ve just turned Cazena on, handed it over to data scientists and they started loading data."

Craig Haughan​
VP, Data Solutions, Engineering, and Architecture 

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Industry: Travel
Number of Employees: 18,000 
Headquarters: US & France
Data: Travel-related data (airline, hotel, etc.)

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