INTRODUCING the First Fully-Managed Big Data Platform as a Service


Radically simplify data and analytics in the cloud

Companies demand more from data and analytics, but lack the infrastructure, people and resources they need to deliver meaningful results. At the same time, many want to take advantage of diverse new data sources, as well as leverage the latest analytics, open source and cloud technologies. Now there's a solution. 

Cazena makes it easy to access data and analytics the cloud in just a few clicks, automating an otherwise long and difficult process. Cazena bundles cloud databases, analytics engines, data movers, security and a variety of tools in the first fully-managed Big Data Platform as a Service, available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Instead of learning and managing many different technologies, companies use Cazena to collect, store and analyze data. Simple, “self-serve” web interfaces mean more people can access data and analytics in the cloud, without special skills or expensive cloud "dev-ops," the developer operations typically required for cloud.

The platform combines best-of-breed software with automation, open source, custom components, security and additional services. That makes Cazena the fastest path to production-grade cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure and AWS of: Cloudera EDH for Spark, Hadoop and Impala workloads; AWS Redshift and MPP SQL databases (Greenplum, etc); and, RStudio Server Pro. What does Cazena add to our technology partners’ offerings? Full, end-to-management, and features such as security, data movement, simple web interfaces – the list goes on. But it’s what we take away that people most notice: No more six to eight month projects, special skill requirements, risky technology bets, complex integration, time-consuming operational tasks and wasted time troubleshooting. 

The Cazena Difference

  • Fast deployments, secure cloud environments ready in hours, with complete datacenter-connected deployments in 4 weeks or less. Cazena gives you everything you need in one service, with one bill and one number to call for support.
  • Simple, with only “three clicks” required to move, store and analyze data in the cloud. Easily connect to data in Cazena with any analytics or business intelligence tools (Tableau, Qlik, etc.).
  • Secure, connected to enterprise data systems and analytics tools via Cazena Gateway software. Data loading is easy, with built-in compression and encryption for data in motion or at rest.
  • Cost-effective, using automation and intelligence to collapse complex tasks into a few easy clicks in a browser, and automatically optimizing to deliver the best price-performance. Everything is included in one subscription, with predictable pricing for expansion. 
  • Fully-managed, means 24 x 7 premium monitoring and support, with high-touch expert support (not just email). We handle everything else: operations, upgrades, patching…

It is the Cazena team, customers and partners that perhaps make the biggest difference. We are leading a new category of cloud platforms, inspired by our customer advisors and founders' experiences developing the legendary Netezza data warehouse appliance. Cazena is transforming enterprise data and analytics in the cloud by using intelligence and automation. We’ve figured out how to eliminate hundreds of manual tasks and automatically improve cloud performance with our intelligent Big Data Platform as a Service, and we've designed solutions that are fully-managed, designed to drop in seamlessly to existing environments. This is the next generation of data processing. 

Accelerating Results from Analytics and Data Science


Companies rely on Cazena for data science, advanced analytics, data warehousing and new big data projects. It’s a powerful platform with intuitive web interfaces, so it’s ideal for analytics and business professionals in marketing analytics, customer insights, product discovery, behavior analytics, operations or research analytics.

Cazena can support new analytics programs, augment existing business intelligence architectures, or alleviate capacity demands on other data warehouses or data systems. Cazena makes it easier to share or monetize data with partners, customers or companies all around the world. And it’s a secure enterprise solution, so teams get the cloud scale analytics they need, and IT has full visibility for compliance and governance.

Cazena is ideal for line of business or departmental analytics, as it can support SQL, R, Python or advanced analytics in a single environment, where datasets can be shared efficiently and securely. More technical groups use Cazena to process big data from logs, streaming, sensor or IOT sources, capturing it in a data lake or repository for batch processing. Cazena covers a broad range of workloads on a single big data platform as a service.


Abstracting the Complexity of the Cloud

Cazena's Big Data Platform as a Service makes it simple to collect, store and analyze data in the cloud with SQL, R, Python or any analytical tool. The included Cazena Gateway software and security architecture makes it easy for Cazena to drop into enterprise environments. Cazena can easily connect with data warehouses, ETL and other enterprise systems to augment existing processes. 

Cazena's solutions include functions for data loading, moving, storage and analysis, typically accessed via a web browser, APIs or analytics tools (Tableau, Spotfire, etc.). The platform is powered by a variety of open-source, custom and best-of-breed technologies -- all integrated, optimized and automated to deliver the best functionality and price-performance for different workloads. Cazena abstracts the complexity of configuring and managing the underlying technologies through automation and simplified management interfaces. 

Cazena is a subscription service, with one monthly bill that includes everything. The major platform components are:

  • Cazena web interfaces and APIs, where data movement and other functions are accessed
  • Databases and analytic processing engines and components - Cloudera EDH (Spark/Hadoop), AWS Redshift, etc.
  • Cazena Gateway software for security, data movement and easy connections to existing tools
  • Common analytics tools (RStudio Server Pro)
  • Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud infrastructure (included on Cazena bill)
  • Full-management and monitoring, with all operations, upgrades, patching, etc.
Intuitive Interfaces for the Cloud

Simple "3 Click" Web Interface

  • Use the Cazena web interface for secure cloud data loads and data management. A few clicks encrypt, compress and move datasets into Cazena from cloud or enterprise sources.
  • Connect analytical tools like Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy and others for visualization and SQL analytics on data stored in Cazena data marts.
  • Use SQL, R or Python; Access RStudio Server Pro and other embedded tools. Cazena integrates common tools into our data science and analytic solutions.
  • Same interfaces regardless of the cloud provider (AWS, Azure) or underlying database. That makes it easy, with limited training requirements for enterprise settings. 
  • Fully-documented APIs make it easy to use Cazena with other processes or applications, augmenting existing systems with prebuilt cloud data services.
  • Simple web management and centralized logging keep Cazena connected with existing IT and security processes. 
Best of Breed Optimized with Workload Intelligence

We use intelligent provisioning and multiple processing engines to recommend and automatically configure the best database solution for your workload. Cazena does this with Workload Intelligence, which includes regularly benchmarking the performance of many different databases across many different cloud infrastructure configurations. When you give us your price-performance requirements, you can be confident that we’ve analyzed all the options to deliver the most cost-effective solution.

Depending on your workload, Cazena may recommend a solution based on Cloudera EDH (Spark, Hadoop, Impala and related ecosystem components) or suggest optimized MPP SQL databases such as Amazon Redshift and Pivotal Greenplum. We work closely with our tech partners to optimize their databases for best performance on Microsoft Azure or AWS, and we support them seamlessly.

When you partner with Cazena, you “future-proof” against the dizzying cycle of data innovation that has become an opportunity and a curse for enterprises. Instead, you’re subscribing to the vision of the Big Data Platform as a Service, where we are regularly evaluating, benchmarking and incorporating new technologies into our platform to give you all the latest and greatest. We started with MPP SQL, but were quick to support Spark, and quick to add RStudio Server Pro, notebooks and other analytic functions, embedded and optimized for performance. We track the market, and we listen to our customers. The impact to you and your team is massive: we figure out all the hard bits, you just use it.  

Cloud Security, Compliance and Encryption

Cazena is built, managed and supported by enterprise experts and security is a core foundation of our company and service. We have industry-leading compliance certifications, specialized software and expertise to deliver a secure data platform in the cloud. Cazena has been audited successfully for SOC II compliance – please contact us for a complete list of certifications.

The Cazena security model is highly-differentiated. First, each of our customers get their own single-tenant Cazena “datacloud”, effectively a private section of Azure or AWS for your team only. This ensures that datasets are secure and compliant. Cazena single-tenant environments are secure (Kerberos enabled, etc.) and encrypt all data in motion and at rest by default. The clusters are managed and monitored to conform to our strict enterprise security and compliance standards.

All services include the Cazena Gateway software which manages access to the cloud. The gateway is powerful enough to run in enterprise datacenters – and regularly passes muster with tough network and security guidelines. The Cazena Gateway makes it easy to move data from connected enterprise or cloud sources – so you can load and store data in the cloud once for team access. Cazena also leverages multiple storage options in the cloud to best fit your analytic workload. Logging, alerting and compliance reporting are included with Cazena, and all services include monitoring and processes to work with your access controls and governance systems. Contact us for more information about Cazena’s security certifications and processes.

Data and Analytics Solutions on Azure and AWS

Cazena handles a wide range of enterprise data and analytics through our solutions. But don’t let the names confuse you. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll recommend the right configuration for your workload and team.

  • Data Science Sandbox as a Service. Run a wide range of analytics in the cloud, without assembling or maintaining the underlying technology. Powered by fast Cloudera EDH (Apache Spark), with RStudio Server Pro and other analytic capabilities embedded.
  • Cloudera EDH/Data Lake as a Service. Collect, stage and pre-process raw data like log files or streaming data or cost-efficiently archive historical data. It’s the easiest way to use Cloudera EDH on AWS or Microsoft Azure. 
  • Data Mart/Warehouse as a Service. Improve access, share data or augment data warehouses by moving data to the cloud into a familiar MPP SQL database.  This is the easiest way to use AWS Redshift, and includes data movers, enterprise security and monitoring.
Get in Touch

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help. Would your team like to spend a free week experiencing analytic life in the idyllic Cazena clouds? Can we prepare a TCO analysis to show you how much money and time we can save you? Urgently need a technical chat about a Hadoop implementation that’s starting to go sideways?  Get in touch.