Consolidate and analyze data in the cloud in Just THREE CLICKS 

Challenge, Meet Solution

The Challenge: Resources and Time

Companies want more from data analytics and data science, but often lack the technical infrastructure and resources to support these programs. This hinders agility and business innovation.

Despite the potential for big gains in productivity and faster results, complexity challenges and security concerns prevent many companies from moving analytics and data processing to the cloud.

At the same time, many teams struggle to find the time and expertise required to effectively leverage Hadoop, Spark, and other new data and analytics technology innovations.

The Solution: Data and Analytics Processing "as a Service" 

Cazena makes it easy to get started with data processing in the cloud in just a few clicks, automating an otherwise long and difficult process. The service bundles high-performance compute, storage, data movers and a variety of tools in one analytic platform. 

The service supports most enterprise data workloads, from SQL jobs to R, Python and complex data science. Behind the scenes, Cazena's workload intelligence automatically provisions and continuously optimizes the ideal combination of data technologies for each workload.  

It's simple: Once setup, use the Cazena web interface (or APIs) to securely load data and run analytics -- or connect with any business intelligence or visualization tools. It's all delivered "as a service," freeing teams to focus on analytics instead of managing technology.


Run a wide range of analytics in the cloud, without assembling or maintaining the underlying technology. 


Improve access, share data or augment data warehouses by moving data to the cloud.


Collect, stage and pre-process raw data like log files or streaming data or cost-efficiently archive historical data.


Cazena's cloud services are delivered on a comprehensive analytic platform, powered by variety of open source, custom and best-of-breed technologies -- all integrated and optimized to deliver the best functionality and price-performance for each workload. Cazena is available on Microsoft Azure or AWS.

Workload IntelligenceWorkload Intelligence

Cazena provisions and continuously optimizes cloud infrastructure, along with open-source and best-of-breed data technologies including:

  • Apache Spark
  • MPP SQL 
  • Hadoop 
  • Analytics Engines 

Data MovementAnalytics Engines

Easily ingest data and run analytics in a high-performance environment, with embedded analytics engines and support for your preferred tools:
  • R, Python, SQL and more; includes RStudio Server Pro, and Hue Notebooks
  • Connect any industry-standard visualization, BI or analytics tools (Tableau, Spotfire) 

IntegrationManaged "As a Service"

  • Continuous monitoring, management of workload performance and security
  • High availability cloud service to manage outages
  • Expertise and high-touch support

SecuritySecurity and Governance

  • Single-tenant data cloud 
  • Strong security, governance, and compliance controls
  • End-to-end encryption of data, at rest and in motion, with keys managed by the enterprise

Real Business Benefits

Speed and Agility


Deliver data and analytics results, with cloud-speed implementation and automated provisioning that gets teams productive and collaborative quickly. 



Always have the right tool for the job. No need to manage different technologies or get stuck with the wrong one. Accommodate change and easily leverage future technology innovation, thanks to regular additions and upgrades in Cazena. 

Value and Scalability


The economies of cloud services mean Cazena can process data workloads at 1/5th the costs of traditional alternatives. Buy only what you need, scale as you grow and get resources on-demand but with approval controls for enterprise budgeting.

Trusted Security


Cazena’s secure cloud architecture and gateway software ensure your data stays safe, both on the wire and at rest. And our cloud services includes enterprise-quality support, a secure managed platform and 24 x 7 monitoring.

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How Does it Work?

Cazena sounds too good to be true. It’s not.
Find out how Cazena simplifies data and analytic processing in the cloud. Learn more, request a demo or take a test drive. 

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