The Cazena Data Science Sandbox as a Service


Cazena’s Data Science Sandbox as a Service enables teams to do a wide range of advanced analytics in a flexible cloud environment, without having to assemble all the components or manage the underlying technology. Teams can get going quickly, be more productive and deliver faster results when they don’t need to worry about managing their own platform. Cazena’s service includes integrated capabilities for data storage, a variety of analytics and processing engines, built-in data movers, common tools and many other functions -- delivered “as a service” on AWS or Azure, easy to use and managed 24 x 7 by our expert team. 

Now you can spend a free week on the platform to experience the simplicity of Cazena firsthand:
  • A single service for all data science, machine learning and analytics.  Cazena is a simple interface to a variety of analytics and data processing capabilities. Popular tools like RStudio Server Pro, Sparklyr and Hue Notebooks are an integral part of the service, which supports languages from Python to SQL. Cazena delivers exceptional processing performance by using Spark, Hadoop and other processing components - all integrated, simplified and optimized for the cloud.
  • Expands and supercharges current environments to analyze data at cloud scale -- breaks teams free from the storage and memory constraints of desktop analytics.  Easily get the data, storage and analytics processing resources you need for bigger data sets, more variety and more accurate analytic outcomes.
  • Helps teams share data and ideas efficiently. Data scientists and analysts collaborate more efficiently, sharing datasets, outcomes and ideas in a single environment. Removes issues with tool consistency, and makes data sharing simple and secure. 
  • Accelerates productivity of data science and advanced analytics programs. Removes conflicts for resources or wasted time spent subsetting data or running models sequentially. Makes it easy to use the languages and preferred tools that your team and business partners already know; connect to Cazena with any visualization or analytics tool.
  • Includes built-in data movers and connectors, which make it simple and secure to get data from different cloud and enterprise sources, even from secure datacenters.
  • Gets teams deployed quickly. Cazena handles provisioning, management, maintenance, upgrades, backup and restore, patching and all operations; The service is single-tenant, secure and enterprise-friendly.  
How the Free Week Works
Cazena offers a free week of Sandbox as a Service to data scientists and analytics teams. Simply complete a short application, so we can ensure that Cazena supports your datasets and preferred analytic languages. Once approved, we’ll schedule an interactive working session with our solution architects, where you can see the service in action and ask questions. When your week begins, connect, move your data in and start analyzing. Our expert support staff will be standing by to help. You’ll get the full Cazena experience!
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Please tell us a bit more, so we can ensure that a Cazena Data Science Sandbox will be a good fit for your project. Then we will contact you to schedule your intro call and sandbox week with our solution architects. 

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About Cazena
Cazena’s mission is to radically simplify big data processing in the cloud, for faster business outcomes at a fraction of the cost. Founded by former Netezza leaders, Cazena is a recognized innovator in the Big Data as a Service category with end-to-end solutions for cloud data science sandboxes, data warehouses/marts and data lakes. Cazena is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Formation 8 and North Bridge Venture Partners.  
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