Analytics & data consultants

Cazena partners with best-in-class analytic consultants, developers and integrators. Explore our partner network below and contact us to learn more:


Sentier Health Informatics is an analytics and data management company located in Boston, Massachusetts. Their mission is to deliver actionable healthcare information into the hands of analysts, data scientists, and decision makers as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Watch our webinar with Sentier & Forrester on Accelerating Life Sciences & Healthcare with Managed Cloud Services for Analytics. is a technology consulting firm empowering data to drive innovation and advanced analytics. We specialize in cutting-edge Big Data, Machine Learning, and Custom Software strategy, analysis, architecture, and implementation solutions. We are an elite group with MIT roots, shining when tasked with complex missions. Whether it’s assembling mounds of data from a variety of sources, surfacing intelligence with Deep Learning, or building high-volume, highly-available systems, we consistently deliver.


Datasticians, Inc. is a best of breed consulting organization, with focuses in strategic advisory & roadmap, assessment, architecture, implementation and support capabilities around Big Data, Data Architecture, Predictive Analytics and Data Discovery & Visualization domains. We specialize in creating strategies that help companies develop lasting competencies in all forms of data and analytics and take a holistic approach when helping clients develop a business analytics strategy and roadmap, working collaboratively with business and technology leaders to design organizational and technical environments that maximize your organization’s investment.


Logan Data was founded with a vision of providing Data Consulting Services to businesses of various domains. Logan Data was designed to be a customer-centric service provider for data consulting services and solutions in the New England Area, with a keen interest in Big Data and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Practices. We have expertise in Managed Services in Cloud Integration. We provide solutions to clients using Cloudera and Hortonworks, and our office is located in Westford, MA (North of Boston).


Pragmatic Works is a consulting, software and training company that focuses on helping customers leverage their data to make better business decisions. We are experts on data management and performance, Business Intelligence, Big Data and cloud technologies. Pragmatic Works has served more than 7,200 customers globally, across multiple industries including banking, insurance, financial, automotive and education, among others.


As the leader in Predictive Behavioral Analytics, Syntasa is helping enterprises generate real-time actionable customer insight that can enhance customer experience and drive conversion. Syntasa’s software can be installed in-house, which allows enterprises to join sensitive business data with clickstream data at the individual customer and account level. By leveraging open-source technologies, Syntasa seamlessly fits in the new enterprise big data analytics ecosystem. It provides ready-to-use behavioral analytics apps that significantly reduce time-to-value. Authorized users can extend Syntasa’s capabilities through open source tools with full access to the Syntasa generated data, analytics, models, and dashboards.


Tiber Solutions is a consultancy focused exclusively on Data Warehousing and Analytics. We have a long track record of success helping government and commercial clients improve their decision making through the intelligent use of data.  Our solutions have assisted customers in detecting securities insider trading rings, developing protocols for malaria prevention in Africa, detecting and preventing bank failures, and understanding how passenger travel experiences impact future sales.

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Technology Partners

​Cazena's Big Data Platform as a Service embeds best-of-breed technology, like databases, analytic engines and hundreds of other open-source and custom components. Our value is putting a wrapper around these complex technologies -- making them simple to access -- and integrating and optimizing them for the cloud so you can spin up data science sandboxes, data marts or data lakes with just a few simple clicks. You’ll get a single bill from Cazena, and we’ll be your single point of contact for any technology we offer.


Cazena is the fastest way to Cloudera in the cloud, with fast-start options on Azure and AWS that will give you a production-ready platform in days. Tell us about the workload, and we’ll use our Workload Intelligence and benchmarking data to deliver a fast, secure platform that’s enterprise-grade. Learn more about Cloudera and Cazena.


RStudio is the leading development environment for R, and performs well on Cazena’s Spark-powered Data Science Sandbox. RStudio Server Pro is directly embedded within the Cazena Data Science Sandbox, along with notebooks and other tools. Learn about RStudio and Cazena


An MPP SQL engine available on AWS, Cazena uses Redshift to power certain Data Mart configurations. Cazena wraps Redshift with additional features and security, making it easier for enterprises to use it for cloud data warehousing. Contact us to learn more about AWS Redshift and Cazena.


Greenplum, recently open-sourced by Pivotal, is an MPP database recommended in certain configurations on Azure or AWS. Cazena optimizes the performance of Greenplum in the cloud and provides a supported environment for critical workloads that rely on Greenplum. Contact us to learn more about Greenplum and Cazena. 


Microsoft Azure provides the cloud infrastructure and many other components for Cazena services. Cazena relies on high-performance Azure automation and cloud storage components whenever possible, to optimize delivery of data marts, data science, data warehouses and data lakes on Microsoft Azure. Cazena is a co-sell ready ISV, ready and certified for fast deployment on Azure. Learn more about Microsoft Azure and Cazena.


AWS is a cloud technology partner of Cazena, providing infrastructure and other services for Cazena’s data and analytics solutions. Cazena relies on AWS's proven technology and services to power many of its enterprise solutions, which layer additional security and data movement capabilities on top of existing AWS services. Learn more about AWS and Cazena.

To learn more about these or other technologies embedded within Cazena’s services, or to become a technology partner, please get in touch.