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Cazena’s solutions are fully-managed, end-to-end, for a seamless, secure analytics experience every time. That’s unique, compared to the alternatives. Do it yourself big data projects require assembling multiple components and vendors. Source from one cloud provider and risk lock-in and unpredictable bills, not to mention managing your own security and maintenance.

Cazena gives you everything you need in one service, with one support number and one bill. Contact us to learn more about how we work across cloud providers and best of breed for a unique as a service cloud experience.

Fully-managed data and analytics solutions save you money and time, and help teams be more productive, so you can reach your goals. 

What is Fully-Managed?
  • Production-Grade Deployments in Hours: Cazena data and analytics solutions are deployed in a couple hours. That’s not unusual in the cloud, but we do a few things differently: Cazena’s unique Workload Intelligence process ensures the optimal configuration for the best cloud performance. Our service is built to rigorous security and compliance standards, and built to production-grade standards. 
    Easy Cloud Integration with Existing Data Flows: Solutions include connectors for data sources and analytics applications. Cazena drops into architectures seamlessly, augmenting or replacing other data platforms or warehouses. Access data with any analytics tools (Tableau, Spotfire, etc.), and move data to and from the cloud worry-free, with built-in encryption.
    End-to-End Monitoring and Operations: Our expert cloud team takes care of all service management. Cloud implementations require constant care and feeding – which you won’t need to worry about with Cazena. From backup & restore, patching, upgrades, platform updates and 24 x 7 security monitoring, you can be assured that Cazena’s got you covered.
    Simple Billing, White Glove Support: Everything, including cloud infrastructure, is included on one bill. This pricing model makes it easy to budget for Cazena. Expand easily, but predictably with billing plans built to fit into standard procurement models. No more cloud invoice surprises or project overruns – you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for data platform services every month.
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