​​Cazena makes it easy for enterprises to migrate and manage
big data, data science and data warehousing on AWS,
driving faster outcomes at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.


Big Data as a Service on AWS
​​Companies use Cazena’s Big Data as a Service to migrate and manage data warehousing, complex processing and data science workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS)Cazena's platform bundles AWS infrastructure, storage, databases, analytic engines, security and operations as end-to-end, "as a service" solutions for data. Cazena’s Big Data as a Service also includes software that makes cloud data migration easy, even from datacenters or complex environments. Now, enterprises can use AWS for big data, and keep on-premise environments securely and seamlessly connected with the cloud.
  • Easily use AWS for a wide range of data projects, including Data Science Sandboxes, Big Data Lakes, Data Warehouses or Marts. Dramatically accelerate cloud deployments and get results from your data faster.   
  • Securely migrate and manage data workloads on AWS: Cazena’s Gateway includes integration software and built-in data movers, which make it easy to connect with SaaS apps, cloud sources and enterprise data systems. Migrate data securely to and from the cloud.
  • Automatically optimized for price-performance: Behind the scenes, Cazena experts use the latest data technologies, integrating and optimizing service components to deliver the best price-performance for different workloads, but with predictable billing.
  • Ensure security with operations and monitoring “as a service”: Cazena manages everything. Companies get their own dedicated, single-tenant data environment with Cazena on AWS, along with complete “as a service” operations, including 24 x 7 monitoring, patching and upgrades.
Cloud Services
​Cazena addresses a wide variety of enterprise big data through two primary solutions on AWS – Data Mart as a Service and Data Lake as a Service. Cazena’s intelligent provisioning process recommends the appropriate solution and then automatically provisions, installs, configures and optimizes all required components. Users see a simple Cazena interface, instead of managing components themselves. Then, load data and use your preferred tools or methods to analyze or visualize data. 

Cazena Data Mart as a Service on AWS for Data Warehousing

The Cazena Data Mart as a Service is designed to support analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing workloads and is typically powered by MPP SQL data processing.  

  • Migrate data warehouse appliance workloads to the cloud, offload appliances, free capacity in on-premises appliances such as IBM Netezza, Actian Matrix, Pivotal Greenplum and others.
  • Collect and consolidate data from a wide variety of SaaS, cloud and on-premises data sources; Improve data access for employees, partners, customers, contractors, etc.
  • Connect and analyze data with any standard SQL business intelligence, visualization or advanced analytics tools including Tableau, Spotfire, etc.
  • Get plug and play integration with existing ETL, data warehouse appliances, analytics and business intelligence tools – augment current processes easily.


Cazena Data Lake as a Service on AWS for Data Science or Big Data

The Cazena Data Lake as a Service is ideal for data science “sandbox” environments and big data processing. Typically based on Hadoop/Spark ecosystem technologies, often with additional analytics engines.

  • Get a flexible data science environment that allows you to do a wide range of analytics including SQL, R, Python, Java, etc.; run models at cloud-scale without having to manage or maintain the underlying techology platform. 
  • Easily collect, move and store big data from numerous cloud and on-premises sources, including SaaS, purchased data, public/open data, IoT, social, etc.
  • Migrate on-premises Cloudera Hadoop/Spark workloads in AWS to accelerate big data success and reduce unnecessary administration costs.
  • Stay focused with unconstrained analytic environments that are optimized and fully supported "as a service," including security, patching, upgrades, backup/restore, etc.

Before we had Cazena Data Mart as a Service on AWS and reporting with Tableau, a lot of my job was pulling data and writing queries for different departments. Now we can be much more productive with how we use data.”

– Cazena Customer, Retail
How It Works
​​Cazena gives each company its own secure, single-tenant environment on AWS. Companies connect data sources via the Cazena Gateway, which encrypts and moves data to AWS. Cazena makes it easy to securely move data between AWS and on-premises datacenters. Software deployment and provisioning are included as part of the service. Users connect to data in Cazena with their preferred analytics tools or methods -- or by using the Cazena web interface, scripts and APIs.

Within their dedicated Cazena-AWS environment, companies may have multiple Data Marts and/or Data Lakes which are all intelligently provisioned, integrated and managed “as a service” by Cazena. Data Mart as a Service typically supports analytics and business intelligence applications. Data Lake as a Service is typically used for larger datasets, and often optimized for Data Science Sandbox environments based on Hadoop, Spark, R, Python and many other components.

Cazena packages and delivers all functions as a single service. Enterprises pay an annual subscription, with pre-negotiated expansion tiers for predictable budgeting and planning. Scale as your data grows, with an enterprise service that ensures no surprises.

Test Drive

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