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The Strata Word Cloud 2012 vs 2016: Data Lakes, Spark, Real-Time and other Trends

This week Cazena made a major announcement, un-coincidentally timed with Strata + Hadoop World. We seriously enhanced our Data Lake as a Service, which is based on Cloudera Enterprise, runs on Microsoft Azure or AWS, and includes many new features for data science.  Read more here.

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End of The Line for Traditional Data Warehousing?

Big data, cloud and open-source technologies are revolutionizing data warehousing and traditional vendors are scrambling to adapt. So it’s no surprise that data and analytics leaders want to explore their options when their old data warehouse platform nears the end of its life due to capacity limits, the end of vendor support, or data center consolidation.

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Retailers: Why Shoppers Want You To Do More, Better Analytics

37 marketing emails from retailers landed in my inbox today before noon. (For real.) Now, don’t shed a tear for me, I’m fine with it. Retail emails go into their own folder, where they don’t distract me until I’m ready. Plenty of them will never be opened, depending both on the subject line and my schedule. Suffice to say, I’m a fan of retail, often calling myself a “professional” shopper. I like to find exactly the right item, ideally with some efficiency. I like sales. I like to know about new products. So, I appreciate (and reward!) companies who use analytics wisely.

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