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Cazena Data Science Sandbox: Bridging the Self-Serve Analytics Chasm

Over the past few years, I have observed a deepening organizational divide in large data-driven companies. On one hand, IT and data owners have their hands full managing their current data infrastructure and platforms.

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Meditations on our Data Science Sandbox as a Service

Japanese rock gardens, or zen gardens, were first constructed centuries ago at temples as aids to meditation. Also called “dry landscapes,” zen gardens are designed as miniature models of natural landscapes. This practice of artfully modeling the world in miniature seemed like a beautiful analogy to launch our new Data Science Sandbox as a Service…

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What does the cloud mean for enterprise security perimeters?

In the past, protecting and securing enterprise data was simpler—handled mainly through the use of basic perimeter-based devices like firewalls and intrusion protection services. As more and more enterprises now look to migrate or augment their big data clusters with the cloud, the amount of access points to their data continues to exponentially increase.

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