Hadoop Performance, Sizing and Scaling

As part of our ongoing series on Productionizing Hadoop and Spark in the cloud, we explore performance optimization, and how companies scale and tune for the best performance. We also discuss what’s required for production-grade deployments, often an underestimated part of the process.

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Choosing the Right Infrastructure for Hadoop

In the first installment of our series on The Hidden Challenges of Putting Hadoop and Spark in Production, we explore the infrastructure selection process. This series was inspired after we read a recent Gartner survey, which estimates that only 14% of Hadoop deployments are in production. We’re not surprised....

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Five Hurdles Impacting Data Science Teams’ Collaboration and Efficiency

There is an interesting theme mentioned by the leaders of data science and advanced analytics groups: All are focused on how to make their team as productive as possible. The resources for these teams are notoriously hard to find.  So, naturally, team leaders want to ensure that these scarce, highly-skilled workers have everything they need to be efficient. Here are the most common pitfalls we hear about. Do you agree?

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